“Stop Racism: Black Lives Matter”

Emman Nuelle E. Edu

Grade 10 - Almaciga

February 26, 2021

     A few months ago, the #BlackLivesMatter movement trended across the social media platforms after George Floyd’s incident. If you don’t know what happened to him, he was arrested and killed by the Minneapolis police officers. Mr. Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life already. After what happened to him, several supporters and petitions from different people and organizations around the world took place. This incident has wakened the minds of many people to raise awareness and fight discrimination not just for Black people, but also for different races and ethnic groups all over the world. Aside from it, we usually hear the “n-word” and other racist jokes all over social media and even in some conversations. We should not normalize these kinds of discrimination over them but rather, let’s just help them instead. These examples are some of the few problems that our society currently faces but are we really aware of what Racism is all about?


     Racism, also known as Racial Discrimination, can be defined as a wrong belief that some people think they are superior or better among others just because of their genetic traits and appearances such as their color, physical appearances, beliefs, religion, and nationality. This idea of discrimination should be done as soon as possible because nowadays, it creates more abusive or violent behavior towards members of other races and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, it already leads to violent activities and serious killings. There were also instances that our fellow Filipinos abroad were victimized by racism. Here in the Philippines, there are also some cases of this but not as severe or violent as in the other countries. It doesn’t mean that our country is free anymore from this form of discrimination, but what will we do if we may encounter this soon and how we will stand up against this? First of all, try to participate in different social activities against racism. You may join several organizations to raise awareness and help the victims. Second, try to know more about the culture of other races. It is better if you have enough information about them, so you can know how you will talk or treat them well. Third, be open-minded enough since this is a sensitive issue or topic. Fourth, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and lastly, the most important thing that you can do is to accept and love yourself whole-heartedly more than others. You don’t need to listen to the judgments of other people because you are the one who’s carrying your own life. You need to accept yourself 100% no matter who you are regardless of any problems. If you ever encounter this kind of discrimination, try to address and educate them that they shouldn’t do it. You may also report them to the authorities if they don’t stop. We all know that our society nowadays is very negative and stressful, but it’s not yet too late to stop it.


     According to the different students that I’ve interviewed, they just have a common stand and that is to stop Racism. Some people think of the idea that there is a division between all of us. I believe that we can help to stop this discrimination by raising awareness and setting into our minds that we are part of one race, and that is the human race. Even though we have different cultures and traditions, it doesn’t mean that we will make fun of it, especially this time of pandemic that we must help together and not drag one another because a world full of acceptance, respect, and love, will surely be a happy world. Together, let’s use our voices and make a difference to stop this problem ahead. Now that we already know what Racism is all about, we should be more respectful towards others.

MMSQC Student Council holds “Mental Health Matters” Monovlog Contest

By Paulus Limdico and Nikolai Ordoña

9 - Dau

February 12, 2021

     Mental Health is a top priority in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in these trying times. We cannot avoid how we feel on the inside and how certain things around us can affect us. The problems that we face in our daily lives should not be neglected and should be taken care of. These are the main issues tackled during the recent MMSQC Monovlog Contest.


     In January of this year, the MMSQC Student Council announced a new project for the High School Department, a monovlog contest with the theme "Mental Health Matters." It aims for the students to open and speak up their opinions and ideas through monovlogs to raise mental health awareness among peers and others. The monovlog was said to be graded for the subject Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao and served as a project by all students for each class. Some students completed it individually while others formed groups with their classmates. The EsP teachers and class advisers would then choose a monovlog to be each section's representative which would be their entry in the contest.


     According to SC President Hadiyah Santos and Vice President Angeley Nicolas,  “The contest can provide a better and comprehensive understanding of how mental health illness can greatly affect an individual as well as boost the confidence of those who are suffering from anxiety during this time of the pandemic. This project helped students in using their voice and knowledge about mental health.”


    “The students were very creative and articulate with their monovlogs. They were really prepared and they showed true feelings that were able to touch our own feelings and emotions,” the officers added. However, from all the submitted entries, 3 outstanding winners were selected. They were chosen based on the student’s creativity, their content, and the way they deliver their message.


     Through this project, the Student Council would like to remind us that, “Mental illness is a serious condition and it could happen to anyone. It is real and could kill anyone if left untreated. Remind everyone that it is okay not to be okay because their feelings and emotions are valid. The early detection of the signs and symptoms of this illness can surely save lives that is why we should talk about this for us to know how we can help and save those who are suffering.”

6 Keys to Being a Responsible Netizen

By Anika Cunanan & Danielle Fernandez 

February 12, 2021

     Given our continuous technological advances, certain things like social media gradually became a part of our daily lives. It provided us the ability to connect with other people in a much faster and easier way. Distance no longer became a hindrance to stay connected and updated with each other’s lives. Although, along with the existence of these platforms also comes great responsibility to its users. It enabled easy access to online sharing in this generation which greatly impacted how we view the world and the people around us. With this in mind, we should always be aware of the proper use of this ability. 


Here we listed out a few tips on how to become a responsible social media user in order to avoid using the given platforms as an instrument for hatred and bullying:

  1. Prioritize privacy. Social media is a platform where you can share life events in just a few clicks but it does not mean you should share everything. The platforms we are given don’t always guarantee anonymity, even if you can easily use a different name, always keep in mind that there are a lot of things that you should never reveal to anyone. Information like your home address, phone number, and passwords should always be kept to yourself for guaranteed safety. Learn to separate social media from your personal life. Remember: anything you share online is public and can easily be accessed by anyone. 

  2. Keep your guard up. People you meet in the online world are still strangers so you should not easily give them your trust. Although some people online deem themselves to be trustworthy, you should keep caution at all times. After all, you can be anyone online. You can easily disguise yourself and claim to be another person rather than who you really are. Keeping your guard up will help lessen your chances of falling bait into frauds and be a victim of catfishing which is a rampant case these days.

  3. Have good manners. Good manners are habits that should always be carried out whenever interacting with others and that includes interactions online. Being online doesn't give you an excuse to have a terrible attitude towards others. Always consider the other person you are talking to and how they are just another human being you see on screen.  Always bear in mind to respect and treat others with kindness. 

  4. Know your limits. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should. Know your limits on whether or not you should post, share, or comment on something. This doesn’t only apply in posting, but also in viewing content. Constantly look for content suited for you and your age group. Never ignore warnings or cautious measures to prevent you from seeing unsuitable content. Always think twice before you click. Reflect if what you’re about to do is right and ethical.

  5. Social media ≠ journal. Social media is not a journal. Things like opinions, rants, and raves should not be posted online as not all people are open to such things. Venting your feelings towards your friends in private is fine as this helps a weight off our shoulders. But, utilizing platforms such as Twitter to rant to your followers can prove precarious as tweets being screenshotted isn’t a rare thing to encounter. Learn to avoid oversharing as this will also help you avoid arguments online. 

  6. Spread love, not hate.  With the rise of ‘cancel culture’, anything you do online can be used to make others see you in a bad light. Utilize and use social media to promote kindness and positivity to uplift others instead of pulling them down.

     Being a responsible netizen should always be prioritized, since who you are online equates to who you are in real life. We should always remember that the actions we do online, can either uplift us or drag us down. So we must keep in mind that we are always responsible for our own actions. Taking everything stated into consideration, as Erik Qualman said “We don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?

Social Media: Platform for Self-Expression or Source of Self-Deprecation?

By Sofia Rose P. Regaya, 8-Yakal, 

Andre Zac R. Corpuz, 7-Talisay, and 

Havana Gabrielle M. Espejo, 7-Talisay

February 5, 2021

     Social media, the pervasive internet phenomenon that has served as a platform for individuals to share their life, express their creativity, and connect with others from across the globe. We have grown increasingly dependent on social media as a form of communication, learning, and entertainment, even more so, in light of the pandemic. Gen Z, a generation that has never known a world without the internet, makes up most of social media’s active users, along with Millenials. In 2019, it was reported that 71% of the Philippine population, or 76.2 million citizens, are active social media users. In recent years, however, the incidence of certain mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, has increased significantly in adolescents. As this increase coincided with the widespread use of social media, concerns about the potential link between the two have emerged. 


     We constantly yearn to be perfect and be the ‘best’ version of ourselves. As we chase this ideal, we are constantly comparing ourselves with others to see how we can improve and how we fare. It is simply a human tendency to compare oneself with others. Social media, however, heightens this tendency. On social media, we are perpetually bombarded with media that has been heavily curated and has undergone meticulous preparation; where people present the ‘best versions’ of themselves.  As a result, we fall prey to social comparison. We question our appearance, abilities, and accomplishments. This can lead to low self-esteem, depression, social anxiety, and heightens the risk of eating disorders and body image concerns. One’s physical development is also at risk. Increased social media usage has been shown to bring about poorer sleeping outcomes, including shorter sleeping hours and daytime sleepiness. Cybervictimization, the experience of being a victim of bullying by peers online, as well as online conflict and social exclusion, has also been linked to higher rates of self-harm and suicidal behavior. 


     However, social media has also brought about positive effects for the one thing it was designed to do: being social. Social media allows users to stay updated on friends and family’s daily activities and has proven to be an important means of communication. It has provided a platform for individuals or families who live apart from one another to stay updated and seamlessly communicate. It has also allowed users to form communities and engage with fellow users that they can relate with and support. An example is the online LGBTQ+ community, which has been proven to be an important source of emotional support for users that cannot receive such in real life. Social media has also proved to be a powerful tool, giving its users a platform to influence, inform, and incite change. This was demonstrated with Black Lives Matter, also known as BLM, a social movement dedicated to fighting racism and police brutality against Black people. Credited as one of the largest movements in the history of the United States, social media played an integral role in spreading the movement’s advocacy and allowing it to reach a wider audience through posts on various social media platforms.

     So how can you regulate your use of social media and be a responsible user? Practice the following to use social media wisely and responsibly:

  1. Reflect on how you feel when you use social media. Take time to reflect on why you use certain social media platforms and understand how it affects your well-being. Is it necessary? Do you feel frustrated, inferior, or upset when you use it? Then moderate your usage accordingly.

  2. Apply "THINK.” Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? This acronym is easy to remember and can be referred to whenever you wish to share your thoughts and opinions on the internet. It's best if you consider giving what you typed out another read and ensure that it isn’t offensive. Remember to spread love, not hate.

  3. It is easy to fall prey to fake news so double-check that your sources are trusted and reliable before spreading information about a certain topic or event. 

  4. Never share your personal or sensitive information, like your address, your name, your age, among others. 

  5. Practice caution when encountering misleading links that may expose your IP address which can lead to your personal info getting leaked. 


     In conclusion, social media has its benefits and drawbacks, you can always try using your social media responsibly, limiting your screen time, being more aware, etc. but ultimately it’s up to you and the choices you make. Always be mindful of how you are being affected by your use of social media and remember that YOU are responsible for your use of social media.

Copy of Virtual Clubs  Article

Fernandez, Danielle and Cunanan, Anika

MMSQC Now Offers Virtual Clubs


     Through the course of online classes, the school has tried its best to adapt every factor of the ‘face to face classes’ into the current online setup. During this, MMSQC has also come up with virtual clubs for the S.Y. 2020-2021 to provide the students with extracurricular activities amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Taking the preexisting clubs from past years, they utilized the existing platforms that Google Suite has to offer to adapt them into something students can take part in even through the current online setup. The school provided a total of 10 clubs: art, chess, Il Montessoriani (journalism), culinary, science, Monteatro (theater), math, glee, dance, and the arts & crafts club - enabling students to choose to their liking. 


   Each club came up with ideas to adjust to this new setup. Club meetings and discussions are now being held in Google Meet while announcements are posted in Google Classroom. Other clubs, like the Culinary Club, prepare a video presentation beforehand to show the students during synchronous sessions how the activity should be done. While some members of the Art club who practice digital art found this setup to be an opportunity to showcase more of their talents. The club schedules were also altered to cater to the new normal. Despite this, difficulties were encountered while adapting. Lack of time, limited interaction, poor connection, and hindrance in communication were some common problems. “The difficulties we are encountering this time are due to the internet connection.” T. Tess Gonzales said, adviser of the Science club. “Some students cannot join the meeting because of a poor connection.” she added. 


     In some cases, the current setup simply makes certain activities difficult. Monteatro for example, will unfortunately not be having a play this year. In an interview from Teacher Mark Bariuan, adviser of Monteatro club, he stated “Hindi naman hadlang ang ganitong setup ng pagtuturo para makapag-share ng knowledge sa iba, talagang mahirap lang for now dahil hindi ito yung nakasanayan nating setup.”


     That said, these challenges don’t necessarily stop the students from enriching their skills and showcasing it to the school. You may still expect upcoming events like the art exhibit from the art club for example. Despite the challenges the school faces in this new normal, the teachers and students go hand-in-hand to overcome them and make these activities successful. 

Online class.jpg
Online class.jpg

MMSQC Now Offers Virtual Clubs

By Fernandez, Danielle and Cunanan, Anika 

January 13, 2021

MMSQC Now Offers Virtual Clubs


     Through the course of online classes, the school has tried its best to adapt every factor of the ‘face to face classes’ into the current online setup. During this, MMSQC has also come up with virtual clubs for the S.Y. 2020-2021 to provide the students with extracurricular activities amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Taking the preexisting clubs from past years, they utilized the existing platforms that Google Suite has to offer to adapt them into something students can take part in even through the current online setup. The school provided a total of 10 clubs: art, chess, Il Montessoriani (journalism), culinary, science, Monteatro (theater), math, glee, dance, and the arts & crafts club - enabling students to choose to their liking. 


   Each club came up with ideas to adjust to this new setup. Club meetings and discussions are now being held in Google Meet while announcements are posted in Google Classroom. Other clubs, like the Culinary Club, prepare a video presentation beforehand to show the students during synchronous sessions how the activity should be done. While some members of the Art club who practice digital art found this setup to be an opportunity to showcase more of their talents. The club schedules were also altered to cater to the new normal. Despite this, difficulties were encountered while adapting. Lack of time, limited interaction, poor connection, and hindrance in communication were some common problems. “The difficulties we are encountering this time are due to the internet connection.” T. Tess Gonzales said, adviser of the Science club. “Some students cannot join the meeting because of a poor connection.” she added. 


     In some cases, the current setup simply makes certain activities difficult. Monteatro for example, will unfortunately not be having a play this year. In an interview from Teacher Mark Bariuan, adviser of Monteatro club, he stated “Hindi naman hadlang ang ganitong setup ng pagtuturo para makapag-share ng knowledge sa iba, talagang mahirap lang for now dahil hindi ito yung nakasanayan nating setup.”


    That said, these challenges don’t necessarily stop the students from enriching their skills and showcasing it to the school. You may still expect upcoming events like the art exhibit from the art club for example. Despite the challenges the school faces in this new normal, the teachers and students go hand-in-hand to overcome them and make these activities successful. 

ol class.PNG

Online Classes: Life Must Go On, Or So They Say

By Muth, Kenisha Allyson M.

10 - Kamagong

December 14, 2020


The transition to online classes has not been easy for everyone. After the country went into lockdown on March 16, 2020, a large number of schools have since then adopted a new online curriculum as the new academic year approached. The change caused mixed reactions among students, teachers, parents, and the rest of the general population as it was a difficult shift for people who weren't already accustomed to virtual learning. 

    Although the sudden transition was made with good intentions, it only brought along an onslaught of other problems that weighed heavily on the shoulders of students- most especially the financially challenged. There was the problem of many students having to buy new laptops and Internet routers just so they could have access to online learning, only adding further expenses to tuition fees that many schools did not lower. This, combined with the stress of learning how to navigate through the newfound challenges virtual learning brought, many students found it hard to adapt—some even dropping out and skipping the school year altogether. Correspondingly, to some students, they just weren't able to concentrate and learn anything through the virtual portal- seeing that the lack of the experience of a physical classroom and proper learning space heavily stunted their ability to assimilate their lessons. Which then caused an overwhelming number of students from various schools to voice their wishes for an academic freeze. 

    However, despite all the problems that came with the new curriculum, there have also been many people who stood in support of virtual learning. Voicing that despite the contingencies that happened from online classes, life still must go on even if that meant new hurdles. Some people, especially more tech-savvy individuals found it more convenient and have even found that virtual learning helped them focus more on their studies since they're mostly in the comfort of their own home.  It has also given students enough time for themselves and their family, as well as opportunities to discover new hobbies that will keep them occupied while currently quarantined in their homes. 

    Even to this day, many people still have their qualms about the change to online learning. Some people support it as a means of compromise, and some have just accepted it as something they can no longer change. Nevertheless, until the fight with COVID-19 is completely over, virtual learning is one of the few solutions we have as a means of temporarily moving forward with our lives. With the vaccine of the virus produced by Pfizer, we can only move forward with the only thing we have in continuing the students’ education by online learning. Everything will soon pass- even this pandemic and new normal of virtual learning.

xmas online.PNG

Holidays 2020: Celebrating Amidst the Pandemic

By Nikolai Ordoña and Paulus Limdico


January 9, 2021

The worldwide spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected the lives of everyone. Quarantine and health protocols prohibited people from traveling and holding mass gatherings. People had to stay at home and adapt to the “new normal.” However, despite these restrictions, it doesn’t mean that the holidays are canceled, as many Filipinos found new ways to celebrate this season with their family and friends without needing to go out of their homes.


Although some people still strived to meet their loved ones personally, most Filipinos chose to stay at home to keep themselves safe from the virus. But, through video call platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Messenger, many people found new ways to talk to and celebrate with their family and friends while still being able to keep themselves safe from the health crisis. Catholics used these platforms to celebrate Christmas without holding face-to-face parties, and for people who do not celebrate it, they took this opportunity to rest from work and bond with their loved ones online, especially during the new year.


Given the new digital experience this school year, the Montessorians have each prepared their very own Year-End Party by section! Despite the hassle of not being able to see each other face to face, the students and the teachers made the best out of their very own Virtual Party even with such limited resources this year. Each class had prepared different programs such as fun games, special performances, and many more unique ways to bond with each other within the online platform. 


However, face-to-face activities such as gift-giving and meeting each other in person weren't able to be done this year due to the pandemic situation. Even if the Year-End Party was conducted virtually, it's still undeniable that both the students and the teachers truly miss the traditional way of having a Christmas Party. "The experience was a mixture of feelings, it was really difficult even though we prepared a program, but it was far different compared to the physical Christmas Party. But I imparted to my students the real message of celebrating Christmas, not only holding the party but to remember that Jesus was born because of his great love for us," Teacher Jean stated.


2020 was a very eventful year, and it is no doubt that it has brought many challenges to our lives. However, as Filipinos, we will always find ways to keep the spirit of the holidays alive despite the pandemic we are facing. “It was still fun because of the various games that we played as well as the talent presentation video shown to us during the meet. This shows that even though the event isn't in a face-to-face setting, there can still be ways for digital parties to be fun and lively,” said the 10th-grade student Noah Manalang.


The holidays, however people spend them, is truly a great chance for us to spend time bonding with our family and loved ones. Though it is different and not as joyful for many, this year’s holiday is still meaningful as it serves as a beacon of hope for many of us, that amidst all the hardships we have encountered, we can still find joy and happiness, thus, we must be optimistic in facing the new year and prepare for brighter things ahead.


Who are the Winners of this Year’s American Music Awards?

By Leiane Krystyn Lopez and Ma. Arndreianne Cunanan

8 - Molave

December 4, 2020


Image by Music Mundial

The American Music Awards (AMA) is where the most popular artists and albums are awarded and the winners are voted by the public through a poll. It was held on November 22, 2020, at The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and was hosted by Taraji P. Henson. The Event had a small audience due to the pandemic, still following COVID-19 safety rules and guidelines. 


Winners and nominees


The nominees were announced on October 26, 2020, by Dua Lipa and Good Morning America. The most nominated artists were Roddy Ricch and the Weeknd with eight nominations each.

Image by Glamsham


5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021

By Remn Augustine Espiritu                                                 8 - Molave                                                                            Ethan Raymundo
8 - Yakal

January 5, 2021

2020 has been a very challenging year because of the worldwide pandemic that has occurred since the start of this year. Most of the events this year were tragic and shocking. Tragic events such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Australian bushfires, and the Taal Volcano eruption are some of the big reasons why 2020 didn’t start well. 


However, a new year is here again. That's right! 2021 has just arrived and we all hope this year will be a good relief and a fresh start since we are all probably exhausted from the events of 2020.


New Year’s Eve 2021 was celebrated differently compared to last year or previous years because of the current ongoing pandemic in our country and other countries. The safest way to celebrate the new year was to celebrate at home with the people in the same household, or virtually with friends and family. After all, staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others in these times.


A new year also means a new you. So, what’s your new year’s resolution gonna be? Here are 5 new year’s resolution ideas for you!


  1. Be more active


Start getting into more physical activities to remain fit and healthy. Here are some tips to fitness success: Exercise daily, eat the right foods and portion each meal, keep track of calories and food intake per day, be sure to get enough sleep, and stay motivated 


    2. Become more confident and take some chances


If you are confident other people notice it, and it is much easier to have your opinions heard. A good dose of self-confidence will help you lead a much happier life overall. Don’t hesitate to try new things because you become more experienced and you become a brave person.

    3. Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies


Just sitting around all day won’t get you anywhere. It is much better to use your free time constructively and pick up new skills while having fun at the same time. The Future-You will be glad that you did. No matter if you’re interested in communication skills or sports, find out how to learn new skills and hobbies in a short time.


    4. Turn your hobby into a career


First, you’ll need to identify your interests and research carefully. What activities do you excel at and could reasonably profit from? Of course, many creative careers require some formal training, so consider that. Make sure you understand any risks involved with your hobby before diving into the world of entrepreneurship.


    5. Face your fears and insecurities


You will find this particular point masked beneath other New Year’s resolutions, but fear and insecurity are often the cause of several problems that we want to address. You need to think of it as surviving and controlling your fear rather than overcoming it, and it will enable you to shed off a lot of the insecurities that you have.


Alas, 2020--AKA a rollercoaster of a year, has come to an end and the anticipation for better times is contagious. People all over the world have already started establishing their New Year’s resolutions and plans. Hopefully, when the pandemic ends, 2021 will give us the opportunity to start afresh and work towards rebuilding the world and even bettering ourselves to avoid such global suffering again.


Now that 2021 is among us, it's best to let 2020 become a distant memory and celebrate the upcoming year with a lot of joy and happiness.


Happy New Year to all!

Nourishing Mental Health During Hard Times

By Ma. Arndreianne Cunanan 

Grade 8-Molave

December 3, 2020

Mental health is a person’s condition with regards to their psychological and emotional well-being. These days, a lot of people have been experiencing issues about their mental health, especially in this time of the pandemic. This is mostly because we tend to feel isolated and this causes our anxiety, depression, and emotions to increase. Some also feel stressed about online classes and our financial needs. We often feel sad and anxious about what will happen next since no one knows what will happen in the next few years. 

As I have mentioned earlier, our anxiety and depression have increased because of this pandemic. Which are also the two (2) main conditions in regards to our mental health. But let us first define the difference between anxiety and depression.


Anxiety is the feeling of being anxious, nervous, or afraid of outcomes. Worrying too much because we don’t have the assurance. For example, you’ve worked so hard on something but you feel afraid or anxious because you don’t have the assurance of the outcome of your hard work. 

While depression is a mood disorder that displays a constant feeling of being sad. It is more than just a feeling And as it goes on, your interest in things slowly goes down.

So how can we cope with stress, anxiety, and depression? These are four ways on how we can cope or get through this together. 

First: Meditating
We can do this by doing some breathing exercises and closing our eyes. In this, we could release the stress and pain in our hearts and minds. Examples of songs that can calm our minds are worship songs or sentimental music. And while we do that, we can breathe, close our eyes, and calm down. We can also try to meditate in God’s word to comfort our souls! 

Second: Opening up to a family member or a trustworthy friend 
Being with people who can help you is also another way on how we can cope with our mental issues. Opening up to some of your family members is helpful! The same thing with our friends whom we trust. But we have to be careful about choosing our friends. There’s this quote and it says, “Hard times will always reveal with true friends.” So keep this quote in mind. 

Third: Resting 
Nothing feels better than a good rest. After the stress and schoolwork, go to bed and take a good nap. It’s pretty good to close our eyes, do nothing, lay on our backs, or in short, take a good rest. Resting may not solve our problems, but it is a very vital part of the process of healing. The best part is that there is hope! Just keep working on self-love and we could eventually calm these storms inside of us. Though we can't do it on our own. This is why…

Fourth: Remembering who He is. 
Now you’re asking. Who is this “He”? Is it my crush? Is it my “pang quarantine lang”? Really, who is this he? Now this “He” that I’m talking about is our Lord. The one who truly loves us, the one who provides our everyday needs. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve forgotten who he is. Let Him inside to your hearts, let him be inside in your lives. I found this great verse in 1 Peter 5:6-7 and it says “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.” See how much he loves you? He's waiting for you! (2 Peter 3:9) For you to also surrender all your problems and trust Him in every single thing! No matter who you are, no matter what your past is, don’t forget who he is and that His love and grace are more powerful than anything. 

If you have a friend that is experiencing many kinds of mental issues, just remember that “anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” (Proverbs 12:25). So start comforting your friend by saying kind and motivational words that can comfort his or her soul! 

No matter how hard life is, your pain and failure have their good purposes. 
Even in this time of the pandemic, we can get through this together and with our Lord our savior also. “Jesus calmed the storm.” So no matter how hard life gets, it will be calmed but not by our own, but with our savior. Believe that there is hope as long as we have faith because it is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). 

The Student Council is Back in Business!

By Patrick Boris Basquiñas & Beatrice Anne Torres 

Grade 8-Molave

December 23, 2020

The Student Council elections is a formal group decision-making process where specific students compete with each other for the positions in the Student Council. This election is needed as to what people think of who is the most suitable individual for the role which they each hope that the person they elected can greatly improve the school and its education. The purpose of the Student Council is to allow students to develop their leadership, teamwork, communication, organization, and public speaking skills by carrying out school activities and services. The Student Council consists of these positions: 

President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer (PRO).


Firstly, the role of the President does not only represent the Student Council but all the students in the school. As well as being responsible for organizing the activities that will be done for this school year. In the same way, the role of the Vice President is to assist the President and to supervise the Student Council during the absence of the President. Secondly, the role of the Secretary is in charge of taking down important notes and also keeping the important records needed. Similarly, the Assistant Secretary will aid the Secretary and take down accurate notes of meetings if the Secretary is not present. Thirdly, the Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the Student Council who must ensure that the funds are conducted properly. Moreover, the Treasurer will be the Auditor at the same time with the help of the Student Council Adviser. Last but not least, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) is reliable for announcing the projects of the Student Council to the students with the help of the President and Vice President.

On November 23, 2020 (Monday), The campaign posters and videos were posted on the homeroom page of each section ranging from the Intermediate Level up to Senior High which allows students to know more about the 2 parties such as the candidates and projects and as well as to choose their desired candidate to secure a spot to be a part of the Student Council. On November 25, 2020 (Wednesday), the elections were done from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM via Google Forms. This allows students to vote for their chosen candidate that will be a part of the Student Council even in online classes. The voting system for this year’s Student Council Elections is surely different from the usual voting that was done using ballots from the face-to-face period, but this year, from the campaign to the elections, everything was done online. Who said that we can’t continue the Student Council for this school year? 


The results of the election for Student Council 2020-2021 are the following:

The President for 2020-2021 is Santos, Hadiyah Marie R.!
The Vice President for 2020-2021 is Nicolas, Angeley M.!
The Secretary for 2020-2021 is Nicol, Jeian Ruiz C.!
The Assistant Secretary for 2020-2021 is Basquinas, Patrick Boris J.!
The Treasurer for 2020-2021 is Coronel, Lady Ashley B.!
The Public Relations Officer for 2020-2021 is Torres, Beatrice Anne F.! 

Here are their messages!


President. Hadiyah: 
“I’m really happy and excited since it was my dream to become this school year’s President! Remember to never give up on your dreams and always do your best in whatever you do.” 

Vice President Angeley:
“Overwhelming is an understatement to describe what I felt after winning the Student Council Vice Presidency. As a matter of fact, the feeling was so intense for a couple of hours, I was so happy and excited as well.”

Secretary Jeian:
“When I was elected as the Student Council Secretary, I felt overjoyed. I felt glad knowing that people are supporting and rooting for me. I’m grateful to all those who supported me. I will do my very best along with the other members of the Student Council to make this a fun and fruitful year for everyone.”

Assistant Secretary Patrick:
“I was speechless that I have gotten elected for the student council...I was not expecting this but since I’m already here, I promise to give my all for everyone! Keep calm and Smile on.” 

Treasurer Ashley:
“I felt happy and honored to be part of this years’ student council but at the same time, I was also nervous because of the loaded works and responsibilities yet to come. My message for everyone is that thank you for entrusting me to be part of this year's student council and I will make sure to do my best for this year's upcoming projects”

Public Relations Officer Beatrice:
“Honestly, I didn’t expect that I would be elected for this year’s student council once again. Being part of last year’s student council gave me a lot of lessons and I will do all my best to help make this school year fun despite the challenges we are facing. I hope that everyone is safe and happy during this time!”

For sure, everyone’s curious about what the students can expect for this online school year. According to the President, Hadiyah Santos, we can expect some fun activities although this school year is done online. We all know how challenging this pandemic is and the Student Council is also trying their best to make this school year fun for everyone despite the situation. The Student Council will always be ready to lend a helping hand, no matter how big or small the problem is. 


Maria Montessori Official Newsletter

October 2020 Edition



By: Kenisha Muth 9 - Dau

March 5, 2020

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) has been established as one of the three components of the National Service Training Program since the 3rd of July 1922. It has aimed to provide military education and training for college students to help initiate and deploy them for national defense preparedness. The specific objective of the ROTC is to prepare “college students for service in the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the event of an emergency and their training may become them reservists and potential commissioned officers of the AFP”.

Graduates of this program serve all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The ROTC also grants scholarship benefits through a merit-based incentive program in exchange for the obligation of military service in the reserve force, or active duty in the AFP after graduation.

An ROTC student is required to perform his responsibility as a college student by attending classes, and regularly maintaining good grades. He/she still needs to attend drills and sometimes extended training activities during the summer, such as the ROTC Summer Camp Training (RSCT) and the Advance ROTC Academic Phase Training (ARAPT).

These, combined with the intense stress that comes with being a cadet, the ROTC has no shortage of controversies surrounding its moral conduct and overall ways of discipline. Long before the early 2000s, citizens and students have already questioned the necessity of this program, addressing the corruption that allegedly often plagued its units. Netizens also took their piece on websites filled with short essays that often called into question why the program was needed, how pointless it allegedly was, and even lawmakers would take part by introducing resolutions intended to abolish ROTC.

And with all these came an even deeper tragedy that would forever leave a mark on the Philippine ROTC Program when a student of University of Santo Tomas and member of the UST ROTC unit, Mark Welson Chua was found dead with his body floating in the Pasig River on the 18th of March 2001. It came to light that Chua had, before his death, reported instances of corruption within the ranks of the UST ROTC unit to the school publication. It was then found by the Nation Bureau of Investigation that the members of the UST ROTC unit were indeed responsible for Chua’s death, and three years later, one of the suspects was sentenced to death.

This incident resulted in a public distaste for the ROTC and especially on how the officials ran the program. The Congress of the Philippines then took legal action, generated no less than seventeen bills and resolutions with full acknowledgment of Mark Chua's death as the catalyst for the years to come.

So all these beg the question, is this necessary? Is it pertinent to let students go through such training, put their grades, physical and mental capacities on the line? 

The ROTC is not for everyone and is most especially not perfect, but overall, joining the ROTC should remain as a choice for interested college students who want to experience such intensive training and win the opportunity to serve our country. Whether or not they are ready, these students should be able to make that choice and to exercise their decision making and experiment with their independence as they get closer to adulthood and join the real world.


12th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. "RA 9163". Retrieved 28 June 2013.

Labuguen, Florida C.; et al. (2012). Understanding the National Service Training Program. Mutya Publishing House. p. 11. ISBN 978-971-821-289-9.


Opinions on Genderless CR’s

by Jerica Alba – Grade 10

February 6, 2020

Genderless comfort rooms–one of the new hottest debate the Filipinos are having against each other thanks to the controversy of Gretchen Diaz in regards to not being allowed entry in the women’s CR last September 2019 at Farmers, Cubao. The transgender was flamed at and bashed for her “hidden agenda” within her actions against the janitress and her trending video which is implying to “Fight for equality and gay rights”.

Alongside this, talks of genderless or common use comfort rooms have arose after Mayor Joy Belmonte defends Gretchen and the rest of the LGBTQ+ through her statement on the SOGIE Bill, which is based around equality of all. Because of this, Filipinos have been divided into groups with different opinions.

For me, I honestly don’t mind. As long as they retain both male and women exclusive comfort rooms. I think the main factor we have to address here is the COMFORT of ALL. NOT everyone being compressed together as one for the sake of calling it “equality” because to me, that’s just full-on bland hypocrisy. People openly debate about such a nonsense issue when common use comfort rooms have been around, before the said issue. Everyone classifies the topic as “sensitive”. To me it’s just subjective and unnecessary. People are so active when it comes to politics and “equality”. Nothing is wrong with that though you could be spending more of your energy on planting trees instead and contribute to something more concrete like saving the environment. It’s not like genderless comfort rooms can solve world hunger and poverty.


The BSP/GSP Investiture and Camping

by Kayla Orduña & Matthew Puno

January 29, 2020

The Boy and Girl Scouts of MMSQC had their Investiture Ceremony and overnight camping on October 7 and 14, 2019, respectively, at the MMSQC campus grounds. It is in this ceremony where the Grade 4 students were officially welcomed to the Boy/Girl Scouts Movements of the Philippines. There were twenty six Grade 4 students, forty two Grade 5 students, and forty six Grade 6 students who participated in the GSP camping.[1] 

The overnight camping which usually follows after the investiture ceremony enabled the scouts to participate in various indoor and outdoor activities like learning the skills in knot-tying, flag folding and in giving first aid.  Likewise, the team games played well helped develop the spirit of teamwork in them, more importantly, the scouts were able to experience how it is to live outside the comforts of their homes. The newly invested students were happy especially the grade 4 students because it was their first time experiencing and participating in the camping activity where they were able to cook, prepare a boodle fight and also witness a campfire.

There were no guest/investing officers except for Teacher Cecil Bataller and Teacher Rowena Fortus who guided the students accordingly in performing the activities. In future camping activities the teachers might also add new activities to enhance the camping experience. “Maybe we can add new activities, we will do the outdoor camping and discuss new procedures like crossing the street. We will also be teaching them survival activities like cooking rice without lighters and stoves” said Teacher Cecil.


Year End Party

by Marielle Manangan

January 30, 2020

The most awaited time of all of the students has come. It’s Christmas Party Day! It is obviously everyone else’s favorite day of the whole school year! A whole day full of fun without anyone worrying that there will be a quiz later on. A whole day of just fun!


Students who went early went straight to their classrooms to set up the foods that they were assigned to bring for that day. Everyone is excited not only for this one day where they could wear the clothing they want and bring their phones but also to interact with most of their friends from the other sections and have fun games too! Of course the teacher too ! They had fun in their own classrooms, not to mention enjoyed the food their own students brought!


Students starts filling up the school and they also start to give away their gifts, tokens rather, to the teachers as a gift of appreciation from their hard work from teaching us everyday and enduring our childish attitude at some point of our daily school life.


The party started and everyone took their seats waiting for the performances of their classmates. After, the part of the party that would never be left out is the games! Each class had their own games prepared by their one and only classroom officers. Some played chubby bunny, pinoy henyo, card relay, stopped dance and many more!


After those tiring performances and fun games, it's time to eat! Sushi, Maki, Lechon, Pasta, name it, each classroom has it!


The last but not the least, the gift giving! Earlier before the Christmas Party, each section picked their monito/monita using the fishbowl method wherein the others wouldn’t know who they got but only the one who picked him/her will know. Surprised as everyone else was, they finally get to know who got them for the exchange gift. Everyone else was happy to get what they wished for as that will be the last day before they finally get back to normal with tons of quizzes the teachers have prepared for the students.

Word Collage

“Spell the word WINNER!”

by Ehren Villamor

February 5, 2020

The Spelling Bee, an individual competition, was held on November 29 the last day of the English Week Celebration. The contestants tried their hardest to spell out the words that the quizmaster pronounced out loud. The contestants were only given an amount of time according to the kinds of questions--Easy, Average, or Difficult.

 Freshmen and Sophomores Spelling Bee was held at 8:00 AM. Example words to be spelled were “cabaret” and “juxtapose”. This was followed by the Juniors and Seniors at 9:00 AM. Words like “ancillary” and “silhouette” were spelled out.

There were three winners in each competition, but only one would be declared champion. Everyone was confident about winning the competition, as their parents also joined in to watch. All the High School English Teachers were proud of their students who participated in the competition. 

Love the World

High School Students Test Their History Knowledge in Quiz Bee

by Sabiyah Sani

February 5, 2020

The MMSQC High School History Quiz Bee was held at the MMSQC covered court on September 24, 2019. The Event aimed to showcase the students’ knowledge on our country’s history.


There were 9 groups that participated in the said competition. Each group of four (4) was composed of one student each from grade 7, 8, 9, and 10. Working together, they answered the easy, average, and difficult round of questions related to Philippine history. The quiz master for this year’s History Quiz Bee was Teacher Daryll.


Parents of the contestants were invited to witness the contest. Words of appreciation were expressed by Teacher Jonalyn for the participation of all the groups.


The winners are as follows:


First Placers:

Daniel Sargento - 7

Eunice Mandac - 8

Emman Edu - 9

April Murallon - 10

Second Placers:

Matthew Puno - 7

Wyatt Canlas - 8

Noah Manalang - 9

Joaquin Uy - 10


Third Placers:

Franzis Anthoni Isidro - 7

Nikolai Ordona - 8

Rich King Balangue - 9

Ana Rufa Padua - 10

Church Altar

Pastor Mattew Reveals the Truth

by Noah Manalang & Hyacinth Camara

9 – Lauan

February 5, 2020

Last October 11, the Values Formation was held in the Mario Hall especially for Grade 9 students.The event’s theme was “No Apologies: The Truth on Life, Love, and Sex.” Hosted by Pastor Matthew Velasquez and his crew, they discussed sensitive topics such as pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy, and sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.


The students engaged on skits and other activities related to the said topics. They were given important pieces of advice for them to take and practice as they grow up.


In conclusion, Pastor Matthew stressed the importance of thinking about the possible worst outcomes of a specific action before actually doing it, less regrets may happen next.

goods for evac.png

Goods for the Evacuees

by Ehren Villamor

February 5, 2020

When the Taal Volcano erupted last January 12, 2020, evacuation centers in Batangas Province got jam-packed with evacuees. To augment the shortage of victims’ primary needs, our school's student council immediately started a donation campaign.

Donations of blankets, mats, food, water, and other essentials for the victims easily came in. These were transported to the Sacred Heart Parish in Cubao with the help of the Student Council Officers, CAT Officers, and COCCVs.

The Parish welcomed the Montessorians with open arms as they accepted the donations. The Parish Priest expressed his gratitude for the generous offer which will be brought to some of the Batangas Evacuation Centers.


Rosary Month

by Lana Tan & Rain Dacuycuy

February 5, 2020

During the month of October 2019, MMSQC followed a special schedule of praying the rosary in observance of the Rosary Month. The different sections of the primary and high school levels took turns to pray the Holy Rosary. This procedure went on from October 1st till the 25th of October 2019.

The month of the Holy Rosary encourages people to pray the rosary everyday. It is also the month to express our devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary. By meditating on the great mysteries of our salvation, we are drawn closer to Jesus and Mary.

This widespread celebration in MMSQC helps strengthen each student's religious beliefs and practices. It is a tradition that also encourages us to thank our Mother Mary for all the blessings we received throughout the past year and those still to come.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

MMSQC Holds Seminar on Cyberbullying

by Carlisle & Clariza

February 5, 2020

At the Mario Hall of Maria Montessori School of Quezon City, the second part of the session on bullying was conducted by Teacher Larry Landingin last July 23 and October 2-3, 2019. It focused on the negative effects and other facts about cyberbullying; likewise, on tips to avoid acts of cyberbullying and chances to be cyberbullied.

As explained by Teacher Larry, Cyberbullying takes place with the use of digital devices such as cellphones, computers,and tablets. It can be done through SMS (Short Message System or Text), social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and games that use online features where people can view and share its contents. At times, this results in cyber libel in which one discredits another person using social media. It is a criminal offense to participate in cyberbullying and cyber libel activities such as posting mean messages, blackmailing and posting private photos of someone else without permission. All these result to damaging the victims’ self confidence and personality.

Teacher Larry recalled his experiences as well as those of students relative to cyberbullying. To avoid being bullied, he advised students to make a stand for themselves, discover things that are not good, and to block bullies’ numbers or social media accounts. T. Larry stated, “Think before you click and be careful of what you post; use safe social media websites on the internet because the syndicates are worldwide.” He added, “this is especially true that even if you post something then later delete it, it can still be used as evidence in a court of law, so we should not easily be carried away by our emotions. In addition, he said, “Adults, especially the parents, can help their children avoid cyberbullying by teaching them how to manage their social media properly.”


Fun Day, Family Day


by Marielle Manangan


February 5, 2020

What else could be more fun than performing the dances you’ve been practicing for days. All those hard work of the casa pupils have paid off ! December 18, CASA Family Day, is their most awaited moment! They performed in front of their parents, showing proudly their cool dance moves along with the mashed up music.


Parents were delighted by their kids’ performance. It was such an exciting and great experience for them to see their kids perform. Thus, taking pictures and videos of the kids was definitely not missed.


After that tiring performance, everyone was treated with sumptuous food which the parents heartily and enjoyably shared with co-parents, as well as with the kids and teachers.

Birthday Games

Larong Pinoy 2020

by Emman Nuelle Edu & Kayla Orduna

February 6, 2020

After a long vacation, the Elementary Department started the year with a bang last January 6 & 7, 2020 because they had their fun-filled event entitled “Larong Pinoy” at the MMSQC Covered Court. Larong Pinoy is an annual event in which the students from the different levels join forces to reminisce and enjoy the traditional parlor games. The games official started on January 6 for the Primary Levels and January 7 for the Intermediate Levels. The event was held by their lovely teachers. Everyone in the crowd was cheering and rooting for their respective teams. Some games for the Primary includes the: while for the Intermediate: Tug of War, Calamansi Relay, Magic Carpet Ride, Rubber Band Relay


For INTERMEDIATE, it was divided into three teams that are represented by three colors: Mint and Green, Red and Pink, Yellow and Green.


A - (4-Hibiscus, 5-Sunflower, 6-Oleander) – 2nd place

B - (4-Jasmine, 5-Frangipani, 6-Hyacinth) – 2nd place

C - (4-Milflores, 5-Aster, 6-Periwinkle) – OVERALL WINNER


Mike Marshall once said, “Victory is in the quality of the competition, not just the final score.” The said event only happens once every school year. With regards to this, they enjoyed and made the best out of this experience. Sportsmanship and teamwork were definitely the factors that were showed and prevailed during the event. With this type of event, the students of Maria Montessori School of Quezon City would genuinely understand the true essence of sportsmanship and how teamwork could create a strong impact on the team. Aside from this, support and morale boosting of each team member also was chief in this event. Indeed, it was an experience to remember because they just showed not only their skills but also the true spirit of sportsmanship. At the end of the game, there are still winners and losers but the most important thing is that everyone enjoyed.


MMSQC Intramurals 2019-2020

by Alysa Castolo & Frances Millari

March 19, 2020

The MMSQC annual Intramurals was held in the school grounds led by the MAPEH teachers last December 2019 to January 2020. The Intramurals officially began with the basketball competition between Grade 9 and Senior High School (SHS), in which the Grade 9 won.

The games, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, chess, table tennis, and badminton elimination round were scheduled weeks before the entrepreneurial week to give way for the championships.

Basketball games were held at the open area along with the dodgeball games while the Volleyball games were played in the covered court although some games were held at the open area and sports like badminton and table tennis on the 5th floor. Chess was held in the Grade 7 – Acacia room.

On the days of Intramurals, the players were euphoric to give their all for their respective teams, although some were already preoccupied with the Entrepreneurial fair. Students cheered for the teams they were supporting to boost their chances of winning but aside from having fun, the students were also responsible for keeping the campus clean and made sure no trash was left in their area.

*list of winners has been requested from the mapeh teachers and is still pending*

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Trick-or-Treat 2019

by Wyatt Canlas & Karllyne Santos


March 24, 2020

October,  it is one of the well- known months out there because there are more birthdays that happens on that month, aside from that it is also known because some people thought that it’ll be nice to celebrate the month with horror and scares , and that’s where Halloween was born into this world. There are many ways to celebrate Halloween such as having a horror movie marathon, or decorating your school or home with scary decorations, and of course Trick-or-Treat and this year Maria Montessori School of Quezon City has just celebrated its Halloween during October 25, 2019

Wherein the CASA up to Grade. 1 went on a trick-or-treating, dressed up in their scary but cute costumes such as superheroes, princesses, fairies, and monsters, etc. Some also wore scary and adorable mask that made us give them candy even more. While the gr. 4 and above decorated their classroom just for this event and even wore costumes and masks just to support this event.

It truly was a memorable Halloween isn’t it? We’ll never forgot those adorable and frightening costumes and mask that they wore. It kind of makes you think of the Halloween that’ll happen next school year, huh


I think it’ll be another memorable Halloween next school year filled with more scary and adorable trick-or-treaters with their costumes and mask. Well that’s all what I’ve got for you guys concerning about this year’s Halloween that’s all and have pleasant day!!  


Art Club Article

by Noah Manalang and Hyacinth Camara 


April 9, 2020

The Il Montessoriani got the chance to interview the MMSQC Arts Club and also their club adviser, T. Len Magbual. That afternoon, they walked in on the members doing various artworks and projects assigned by their adviser. A lot of students were interviewed and gave different answers on how they describe art and how they express it. Art is a diverse range of human thoughts being visualized and are put into paper using a wide range of materials. People who are involved in this field have different styles and techniques on how they express themselves and how they convey the messages of their artworks to the people. So if can believe you can do art, then don’t be afraid to express your talent and unleash the inner artist in you!

Opening Car Door

FAPE’s comin’ to town!

by Lance Alemania

January 30, 2019

The certifiers of the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) came to our school on November 20, 2019 for re-certification of our three years of participation in the Education Service Contracting (ESC) Program. They looked into the quality of our curriculum, teachers' competencies and school environment, among others.


Towards the end of the visit, the inspectors interviewed selected students and all the Junior High School teachers as well. With hope that we reached their expectations, somehow we gave them a good impression of our school, how articulate the students are in speaking English, that both teachers and students know and understand our School Vision and Mission.


Having given them our thoughts on how the school administration runs the school, “I think FAPE was satisfied as to how we responded truthfully and politely in the interview, because indeed, we are not ordinary”, Carisle Nicole proudly said.

Teachers’ Day 2019

by Ethan Raymundo and Remn Augustine

February 5, 2020

Edited by: Emman Nuelle Edu

There are many words to describe teachers around the world. In MMSQC, the qualities of our teachers are clearly spelled out in the acronym TEACHER.

T – Talented

E – Excellent

A – Amazing

C – Caring

H – Honest

E – Extraordinary

R – Responsible


World Teachers’ Month is held from September 5 until October 5 but in MMSQC, Teachers’ Day was celebrated with love and fun last October 4, 2019, at the covered court. The students prepared gifts, surprises, dances, songs, and videos for the teachers. The MMSQC Dance Club prepared a wonderful performance that amazed the teachers while The Glee Club prepared heart-warming and love songs for them. Also, the students from different levels sent their videos sending the message of appreciation. On that day, the teachers were filled with happiness.


According to some students that we’ve interviewed, they were very thankful for their teachers’ hard work and effort. They also apologized for their wrongdoings and sincerely promised that they’ll not do them again. Lastly, the one that made them appreciate more is how they treat their students. Even if they were strict, it can be seen and felt that they genuinely care and love their students. They want their students to always be the center of their teaching-learning process. It just shows that respect is a two-way process in Montessori because the students respect the ability of the teachers in guiding them and the teachers as well, respect the ability of the students to learn individually or collaboratively within a prepared environment. The Montessori approach is definitely effective and amazing especially when you see it in action.


Indeed, the Teachers’ Day celebration was filled with fun and nice memories for our teachers to remember. Maria Montessori once said, “Now, what really makes a teacher is love for the human child; for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into the higher consciousness of a mission.”



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